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Anna is a Canadian movement-based director who works globally specializing in live theatre, corporate, industrial, and international mega-events.  

She helps story & production  by revitalizing the creative process through the use of movement practices that evolve to reflect the collaborators in the room; creating a bespoke experience.


Anna's artistic style is innovative and physically expressionistic - kinetic, surprising, and ensemble-based. 


Anna has worked with performers of every experience level - from actors, to professional dancers, to volunteers. Whether she is working one-on-one or leading a group of 1,500, Anna brings her infectious positivity, hawk-eyed attention to detail, and meticulous organization to every project. Anna's work enhances the artistic vision of a production through dynamic stage pictures, movement sequences, narrative transitions, and assists the actor in unlocking embodied physical nuances of their character. Anna has also trained as an Intimacy Director with Intimacy Directors International and Theatrical Intimacy Education



As a Director, Anna brings her movement expertise to the forefront of the rehearsal process. She encourages actors to approach script analysis through motion and uses physical embodiment as a primary storytelling device to enliven text. Her practice facilitates building a strong ensemble in order to bring meaningful collaboration and inclusion to every production. 


“Under Kuman’s direction, this production is young, energetic, contemporary and tech savvy… it’s pretty amazing what choreographer Kuman does on the Waterfront stage in and around a lot of tubular aluminum scaffolding, stairs and ramps.” (Jesus Christ Superstar)

Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

“Anna Kuman deserves a huge amount of credit for the success of this production. Her complex movement score combines the thrashing, head-banging moves of punk’s hey day with gestural inspiration. I can’t remember the last time I was so consistently surprised by musical-theatre choreography.” (American Idiot)

- Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

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