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Anna is an Intimacy Director with an MFA in Movement Direction &

Teaching from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and has

trained in Intimacy, Consent, and Trauma-Informed Practice with

practitioners across Canada, the USA, and the UK.


Anna collaborates with the director and performers to facilitate the

physical execution of intimate storytelling moments through set,

repeatable, movement strings which support the action of the play and

honour the physical and emotional boundaries of performers.

Bring Anna on board your production or into your classroom to:

  • Choreograph scenes or moments of physical intimacy. 

  • Provide an overview of consent & best practices to a cast at the
    outset of rehearsals.

  • Introduce vocabulary to build a rehearsal culture of communication
    and consent.

  • Collaborate with a fight director.

  • Train directors, educators, actors, and students about how consent & trauma-informed practice can be infused into their current and evolving practices.

Anna's approach to intimacy is simple - she wants everyone to be confident and enthusiastic about the stories we put onstage while feeling heard, supported, and empowered. For more details about Anna's training visit her resume.

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